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Wrong drink was sent again, ordered a diet coke but got a regular one. Other than that, the food is great as always!

Hannah, 15 Jan 2018

Nice food

Eamonn, 19 Dec 2017


Eamonn, 19 Dec 2017

Best burritos in London! Sometimes may take longer but always worth the wait!

Michelle, 17 Dec 2017

How do I know the answers to the questions below when I have not got the food yet.

Stuart, 16 Dec 2017

How do I know the answers to the questions below before I've tried the food. I scored you average on everything so as not to effect the lickert scale results.

Stuart, 16 Dec 2017

Amazing tasting food for very reasonable prices

Nikita, 11 Dec 2017

Overall very good

James, 10 Dec 2017

generous portions, could maybe have a bit more flavour

Rose, 10 Dec 2017

the order timer did not update the status.

Roma, 07 Dec 2017

Good food

Michael, 06 Dec 2017

Food delivery was really quick and the food was tasty

Ryan, 04 Dec 2017

You are very kind and your divers are very nice and helpful as i am a dissabled woman and your staff always do there very best to help me as much as they can.

Sonya Edwards, 21 Nov 2017

Good food.

Bill, 19 Nov 2017

Your online card payment form doesn't work!

Jessica, 18 Nov 2017

Very good service

Michael, 03 Nov 2017

if i'm logged in site should autofill details for delivery

Stephen, 27 Oct 2017

Best mexican delivery. If faster even better!

Niccolo, 23 Oct 2017

Easy online ordering

Jade, 22 Oct 2017

Big fan of the restaurant, great food, and very friendly people. A suggestion - please update your website to have an option to re-order previous orders. I usually order same types of things, so it would save me a lot of time if i could just click "reorder" near one of my previous orders. Thank you!

Roman, 19 Oct 2017

The only problem I has was there was only 5 prawns.

Sonya, 18 Oct 2017


Ryan, 18 Oct 2017

Best Mexican in Highbury

Rebecca, 17 Oct 2017


James, 14 Oct 2017

Love your food the speed of delivery to me is Consistent with your competitors. When I order through just eat the checkout won't work, you have lost business from me 5 times in the past two months because of this. I am hoping your online web page works better. I love the food and also the 15% off

Olaf, 14 Oct 2017


Brian, 01 Oct 2017